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-AutOrg is a writing, organizing and publishing system for documents
-based on emacs org-mode.
-It is ready to be run on Apple OSX
+ _____ ___
+ (, / | /(, )
+ /---| _/_ / / __ _
+ ) / |_(_(_(__/ / / (_(_/_
+ (_/ (___ / .-/
+ v0.5.1 distributed by (_/
+ software foundry
-All sources are provided too.
-For more informations and a manual go to
+AutOrg is a powerful editor for writing and organizing both public and
+private documents, based on Emacs Org-mode.
-To start the application on Mac OSX, just move AutOrg in /Applications
-then run it.
+AutOrg is distributed both in source (without Emacs) and as an app ready
+to be run on Apple OSX (wich includes Emacs and other needed binaries).
-To use this on GNU/Linux or other BSD systems, use the code that
-is published on you can clone it with git:
- git://
-Inside the elisp directory are found most sources, so far this
-consists just of a pre-configured Emacs editor, but its growing.
+ - Advanced Emacs environment, ready for use
+ - GnuPG integration for secure document storage
+ - Rendering of documents in various formats (PDF, ODT, HTML, etc.)
+ - Completely open source and based on very old and stable software
+ - Full interoperability with other applications (it's all plain text!)
+For more informations go to
+Apple users can just grab the app and move it into /Applications.
+GNU/Linux users are supposed to install dependencies using the package
+manager of their distribution. deps: emacs, texlive, pwgen, pdfutils..
+After installing all dependencies, start AutOrg using the scripts inside
+the gnu/ directory in the source distribution, be sure to use a full
+path command and not just ./ or ./ Aliases help, i.e:
+ alias autorg=/home/luther/autorg/gnu/
+AutOrg code is is published both on and GitHub:
+Most of it consists of ELisp sources written by many people around the
+world and collected in an integrated and ready to use fashion.
+AutOrg is designed and maintained by Denis Roio <>
For licensing information see the COPYING file.