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-20 Feb 2012 - 3rd rewrite
- Previous rewrites had no ChangeLog
- This marks the start of the first rewrite
+20 Feb 2012 - 0.1 - 3rd rewrite
+ Previous rewrites had no ChangeLog.
+ This entry marks the start of the third rewrite.
+ This release includes a bundle for MacOSX
+ powered by a collection of elisp configurations
+ plus old stuff that we might or might not reuse.
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AutOrg is a publishing system for federated distributed documents
-based on emacs org-mode and git. It is ready to be built and run on a
-local desktop as well deployed on a web-server; it renders all pages
-locally, ready for server-side publishing.
+based on emacs org-mode.
+It is ready to be built and run on a local desktop.
-** Organization of the tree
+To start the application on Mac OSX, just click on the AutOrg app.
-*** doc/
+To use this on GNU/Linux or other BSD systems, use the code that
+is published on you can clone it with git:
-Contains original documentation.
+ git://
-*** etc/
+Inside the elisp directory are found most sources, so far this
+consists just of a pre-configured Emacs editor, but its growing.
-Configuration files for integration with third parties.
+For licensing information see the LICENSE file.
-*** org/
-Optional directory to export ORG files from. You can symlink an
-existing directory or use a remote repository for these contents.
-*** pub/
-The build directory: all generated contents go there.
-*** src/
-Source files necessary to build the application.