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+to compile and run this intro you need
+downloadable from
+it's a wonderful lib that renders the music from xm modules
+if you don't have you you got to have it!
+just untar it with tar xvfz libmikmod-*tar.gz
+and then ./configure; make; make install
+that should do it, otherwise don't be lame and rtfm :)
+after this you can stop, look at the monitor mumbling your magic words
+and when you feel prepared untar mufhd0 and with the right wisdow issue a
+./configure; make on it. ./mufhd0 should run it. tweak mufhd0.cpp if you
+want to move files around, install stuff or change to fullscreen.
+please don't mail me asking how to compile/use/tweak this code
+happy hacking!