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#+TITLE: HDSync Setup Manual
#+AUTHOR: Denis J. Roio <>
-#+DATE: Version 0.6, September 2011
+#+DATE: Version 1.0, May 2012
#+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [a4paper,twocolumn]
@@ -19,9 +19,22 @@
* Background information
-First of all be sure to read and understand the informations on the
-[[][WDLXTV]] website. To run HDSync you'll need a *WDTV Live* device for
-each video channel you are playing.
+The digital video syncstarter software was developed through the past
+years by the Montevideo/NIMk Artlab to provide synced playback of
+multiple high definition videos on multiple screens.
+In the video art field there are many artworks requiring the real-time
+synced playback of audio/video: HDSync provides such a functionality
+for HD decoders, to sync HD video playback on multiple devices.
+The website were to download the latest version of this software, its
+sourcecode and this manual, get updates and more informations is:
+If you intend to use HDSync. first of all be sure to read and
+understand the informations on the [[][WDLXTV]] website. To run HDSync
+you'll need a *WDTV Live* device for each video channel you are
@@ -52,6 +65,15 @@ To setup the WDTV devices you need to connect them to a monitor or
projector and operate them with the remote control: that's all what is
needed to upgrade the firmware once it is loaded on a USB stick.
+* Prepare the video files
+There is a wide range of video codec an formats supported by the WDTV
+devices, although just some are suitable for smooth playback in
+sync. We recommend using MPEG2 encoding and M2T or Matroska transport
+for the files. Another important detail is that to *start the videos
+with 5 seconds black* else the starting images will flicker due to the
+sync mechanism.
* Prepare the Usb keys
To run HDSync on your WDTV Live device you need one USB stick for each
@@ -62,7 +84,7 @@ First *format the usb sticks with a journaled filesystem like the
Linux Ext3* using tools like mkfs.ext3 from a GNU/Linux OS.
Then place our ** file (made available on
-[[]]) on the USB sticks together with the
+[[]]) on the USB sticks together with the
*hdsync.conf* configuration file. The configuration is a plain text
file that needs to be edited: set how many video channels you are
playing (*TOTAL_CHANNELS*), the unique channel number for this usb
@@ -139,9 +161,6 @@ made with it; but you must specify reasonably that you are using:
*HDSync, free and open source software developed by Jaromil in the
Montevideo/NIMk artlab*.
* Support
@@ -149,7 +168,7 @@ If you rely on this software and you wish we develop it further, you
are welcome to express your appreciation :)
If you need support using HDSync, distributing artworks or producing
-installations with it, you can certainly *hire our services*: we can
+installations with it, you can certainly [[][hire our services]]: we can
offer assistance and development services as a professional art
institute with several years of experience in the fields of video and
media art.
@@ -160,12 +179,8 @@ Get in touch:
: software developer |X| Netherlands Media Art Institute
: GNU / Linux / *BSD |X| Montevideo / Time Based Arts
: ------------------------------------------------------------
-: ~ ~ ~
-: Tel: +31 20 6237101 121 ( Tue and Fri, 10:30 - 17:30 CET )
-: Post: NIMK/Artlab Keizersgracht 264 1016 EV AMSTERDAM
-: Email: IRC: /msg jaromil
+: Email: Instant msg:
: PGP: B2D9 9376 BFB2 60B7 601F 5B62 F6D3 FBD9 [ C2B6 8E39 ]
* Disclaimer