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@@ -76,8 +76,11 @@ than buying new hardware.
** News for this release
+Watch the video documentation of the Ambarella video wall, giving the
+name to this new HDSync release:
This release can synchronise the playback of multiple channels,
-virtually unlimited, so far the known record is set to 37.
+virtually unlimited, Ambarella sets a new record: 37! :^)
This release consists of a full rewrite of the 0.6 version of HDSync
in C language, eliminating most of the shell scripted interaction and
@@ -96,13 +99,6 @@ Please note that now it is necessary to add 5 seconds of black in
front of the synced videos, in order to avoid an irregular blink at
the start of every loop.
-with exception of certain looped that seem to go out of sync at random
-times, an issue being investigated, but not occurring.
- a current error margin of 1 to 3 frames, with further
-development we aim to achieve frame exact sync.
** Documentation
A user manual is online at