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* refactoring of the build system to produce multiple binaries:Jaromil2008-08-291-3/+5
* imported trunk in gitJaromil2008-05-021-0/+610
* branchingjaromil2006-09-121-610/+0
* fix to GUI configuration mode,jaromil2006-08-151-2/+11
* several important fixes to XMLRPC daemonjaromil2006-03-141-19/+19
* fine tuning of sleep timings,jaromil2005-05-171-17/+42
* drag & drop finally working,jaromil2005-05-031-112/+84
* playmode menu, rewind and delete buttons,jaromil2005-05-021-29/+137
* dummy testrunner for devices (for GUI development),jaromil2005-05-011-3/+12
* more interface code: basic functionalities are there.jaromil2005-04-291-32/+435
* gtk2 guijaromil2005-04-281-0/+84