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* refactoring of the build system to produce multiple binaries:Jaromil2008-08-291-0/+3
* imported trunk in gitJaromil2008-05-021-0/+209
* branchingjaromil2006-09-121-209/+0
* new Get and Set byte offset functions for precise seekjaromil2006-08-251-0/+27
* several important fixes to XMLRPC daemonjaromil2006-03-141-16/+14
* XMLRPC API completed with Open and Pause,jaromil2006-03-031-0/+23
* now the xmlrpc daemon runs continuously listening for commands:jaromil2006-02-101-3/+20
* small addition to the xmlrpc api for interactive playbackjaromil2006-02-071-0/+14
* documentation update for the 0.3 releasejaromil2005-12-231-1/+1
* new Play and Stop xmlrpc channel methods,jaromil2005-11-251-0/+31
* ops! xmlrpc class was missing in last commit, here it is!jaromil2005-11-251-0/+99