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documentation updates for releasev4.1
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# JaroMail ChangeLog
+## 4.1
+## 29 Dec 2015
+Password storage refactoring: updating to this release requires users
+to re-enter their passwords saved in the system's keyring. The old
+local keyring code was removed and support for secret-tool is
+activated when present in newer GNU/Linux distros: it is a better
+alternative to our own gnome-keyring client. Minor cleanups.
## 4.0
## 10 Nov 2015
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- odP your humble and faithful electronic postman
+ odP your humble and faithful electronic postman
*A commandline tool to easily and privately handle your e-mail*
@@ -32,6 +31,7 @@ their configurations and setting up integrations automatically.
Fetchmail | Mail Transport (fetch)
Vim | Mail editor
GnuPG | Content encryption
+ Mixmaster | Anonymous emails
MSmtp | Mail Transport (send)
Notmuch | Search engine
ABook | Addressbook
@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@ A round-up on Jaro Mail features follows:
* Defers connections for off-line operations
* Checks SSL/TLS certificates when fetching and sending mails
* Supports strong encryption messaging (GnuPG)
+* Can send anonymous emails (Mixmaster)
+* Many languages! so exotic! such UTF-8!
* Multi platform: GNU/Linux/BSD, Apple/OSX
* Old school, used by its author for the past 10 years
@@ -61,7 +63,7 @@ A round-up on Jaro Mail features follows:
**GNU/Linux** users can run `make` to install all needed components
(done automatically, requires root) and compile auxiliary
- tools. Once compiled then `make install` will put Jaro Mail in
+ tools. Once compiled then `sudo make install` will put Jaro Mail in
`/usr/local`. Or To install it as user into a self-contained place:
@@ -86,7 +88,7 @@ via Terminal, configured in plain text and overall made by geeks for
-**Apple/OSX** Jaro Mail 3.0 has not yet been updated to Apple/OSX. With
+**Apple/OSX** Jaro Mail 3q.0 has not yet been updated to Apple/OSX. With
2.0 users can simply drag Jaro Mail into /Applications When started
Jaro Mail opens a Terminal window preconfigured with its environment,
to activate it for any terminal add this to `~/.profile`:
@@ -107,6 +109,8 @@ Download the PDF:
Or browse online the latest version:
+It is recommended that you read the user manual: you won’t get far unless you know what you are doing. Even for experienced Mutt users: keys will be familiar, but there are things to learn in the manual on how Jaro Mail redesigns the e-mail workflow for instance with whitelisting and remote sieve folders.
All revisioned in Git, see: