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* trying to override github language detectionHEADmasterxant2015-04-021-0/+1
* using OSSpinLock instead of NSLock gains in performancesxant2013-12-0812-191/+222
* expose load() in the global contextAndrea Guzzo2013-09-271-60/+22
* cosmeticsxant2013-09-264-12/+18
* just some more accessors exposing more data to javascriptxant2013-09-264-13/+38
* ensure propagating mouse events to the cli application (NSApplication needed ...xant2013-09-261-0/+1
* the jmx-cli now worksAndrea Guzzo2013-09-2610-17/+47
* some more work ....still not workingcmdlineAndrea Guzzo2013-09-252-3/+11
* WIP on the cli toolAndrea Guzzo2013-09-252-10/+77
* invertYCoordinates is now true by defaultxant2013-09-241-0/+1
* added locks to avoid race conditions when touching the timers arrayxant2013-09-232-37/+47
* handle internal timers directly instead of using NSRunloop's much fasterxant2013-09-234-113/+111
* use internal timers instead of node.js onesAndrea Guzzo2013-09-222-28/+42
* re-enabled some locks since timers are now executed from a different threadxant2013-07-124-99/+113
* inizialize nodejs properly and fixed various issues with the javascript after...xant2013-07-122-20/+20
* fixed all the issues reported from the analyzerxant2013-07-1122-56/+112
* suppressed some warnings by doing explicit castsxant2013-07-1110-26/+26
* JMXCore is now a frameworkxant2013-07-113-0/+153
* fixed both node.js and jmx.js initializationAndrea Guzzo2013-07-1111-34/+121
* JMXAudioDumper has been added back to the mixxant2013-07-102-90/+0
* Merge branch 'gui_split'xant2013-07-1019-65/+79
| * the core now builds without warningsAndrea Guzzo2013-07-0917-48/+37
| * more work in integrating the new nodejsxant2013-07-091-13/+12
| * massive project refactoring (WIP)Andrea Guzzo2013-07-0830-201/+227
| * work in progress on splitting the gui from the coreAndrea Guzzo2013-03-0130-200/+200
* | audio dumper + debugging the spectrum analyzerxant2013-07-082-0/+90
* fixed a major leakxant2012-12-121-2/+0
* minor cleanings and adjustments to avoid warnings in the new xcodexant2012-12-102-20/+4
* allow to provide a signal signature to use to provide passive data from outpu...xant2012-12-101-8/+13
* no need to use locks when OSAtomicIncrement32 is being usedxant2012-06-151-8/+6
* avoid recursive locksxant2012-06-153-3/+3
* execute all javascript timers in the same threadxant2012-06-151-24/+61
* the drawpath is now locklessxant2012-06-152-161/+68
* minor fixes to make it build smoothly with the new xcode 4.5xant2012-06-128-12/+11
* ensure 32bit compatibilityxant2012-06-111-2/+2
* ensure unlocking v8 when switching to native code during object constructionxant2012-06-111-0/+1
* return a proper stringified description of JMXSize objectsxant2012-06-111-0/+5
* ensure honoring the canvas size at construction timexant2012-06-112-44/+81
* fixed a leak happening at initialization timexant2012-06-111-4/+30
* let both execCode: and execFunction: return a booleanxant2012-04-052-8/+13
* leakxant2012-03-261-1/+1
* propagate cmdline arguments to javascriptsxant2012-03-193-2/+34
* forgotten filesxant2012-03-114-0/+80
* extract and propagate audio samples if an audio track is found in the video filexant2012-03-111-0/+9
* optimized data-readingxant2012-03-112-17/+43
* use a proper recursivelock to have more granularityxant2012-03-112-14/+18
* allow to seek movie files + js examplexant2012-03-111-0/+9
* cycle the nodejs runloop in the script entities and not in the global context...xant2012-03-102-32/+10
* ensure calling [super dealloc]xant2012-03-103-1/+4
* don't override the 'copy' message in a categoryxant2012-03-102-9/+9