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This is a readme file. See
for more information.
libdisorder is a small, simple C library for use by programmars in
other programs. There is a small test program included that opens
-/dev/urandom and calls libdisorder.
+/dev/urandom and calls libdisorder in the `test/' directory. There is
+also a command-line tool, `ropy' in the `tool/' directory for reporting
+on the entropy of normal files.
You will probably want to pipe the output of libdisorder to some other
-math analysis or graphing environment. In *nix, you can use gnuplot.
+math analysis or graphing environment (e.g., gnuplot).
The library's primary function reports entropy in bits: essentially,
this is the number of bits necessary to encode the actual level of
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+[XXX] supply parameter for selecting entropy measure
+[XXX] generally improve cmd-line args handling, use getopt()
+[XXX] package as debian and/or fedora
+[XXX] write some documentation (man pages, etc.)
+[XXX] add additional entropy measurement functions
+[XXX] add stream or other data sources
+[XXX] add API for "chunking" tokens (a la AWK)
+[20100717] Add this codebase to gitub repo
+[20100716] move web site from to
+[20100716] create github account
[20100308] Add a command line tool for reporting entropy of a file
[20100308] supply file argument
[20100308] supply verbose argument
-[XXX] supply parameter for selecting entropy measure