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* Accomodate change in czmqpp public header name.evoskuil2014-09-292-2/+2
* uncast_type and cast_chunk are removed now in libbitcoin.Amir Taaki2014-05-095-6/+7
* change hash_digest_size to hash_size (to match libbitcoin export).evoskuil2014-04-225-6/+6
* remove uneeded headerAmir Taaki2014-04-191-1/+0
* Merge branch 'spesmilo/master', remove compile guards.refs/pull/11/headevoskuil2014-03-278-35/+9
| * fixed return type for values which are not needed.Amir Taaki2014-03-272-8/+6
* | Conditional main.evoskuil2014-03-271-0/+6
* | Fix makefile for client interface file renames.evoskuil2014-03-261-5/+5
* | Clean builds for VS2013, a few sections disabled.evoskuil2014-03-265-2/+23
* | Cosmeticevoskuil2014-03-252-8/+9
* | Merge branch 'spesmilo/master'evoskuil2014-03-2513-74/+136
|\ \ | |/
| * looping start. keeps retrying every 30 secs.Amir Taaki2014-03-232-13/+28
| * improved the format of published messages to be more clean/focused.Amir Taaki2014-03-181-8/+6
* | VS2013 initial solution, work in progress.evoskuil2014-03-234-5/+30
* update for latest libczmq++ changes.Amir Taaki2014-03-172-2/+2
* temporary fix for max sockets being triggered.Amir Taaki2014-03-171-0/+1
* we cannot share sockets among multiple threads.Amir Taaki2014-03-172-6/+7
* avoid creating socket repeatedly and trim old fluff from code.Amir Taaki2014-03-173-155/+12
* made scary sounding warning sound less severe.Amir Taaki2014-03-161-1/+1
* remove checksum field - it's not needed.Amir Taaki2014-03-151-12/+2
* enable whitelist even when crypto is disabled.Amir Taaki2014-03-132-5/+13
* ability to enable/disable crypto (disabled by default).nobalancerAmir Taaki2014-03-124-17/+27
* port to czmq++ with crypto.Amir Taaki2014-03-1210-228/+121
* config allowed certs directory where client pubkeys are installed.Amir Taaki2014-03-064-3/+12
* re-enable auth and cert stuff.Amir Taaki2014-03-061-9/+7
* zmq server side encryption.Amir Taaki2014-03-067-43/+60
* cleanup code slightly.Amir Taaki2014-03-051-3/+3
* add heartbeat.Amir Taaki2014-03-055-14/+20
* remove balancer code.Amir Taaki2014-03-057-398/+1
* remove control message stuff in favour of something simpler.Amir Taaki2014-03-053-77/+24
* remove balancer.Amir Taaki2014-03-052-7/+13
* fetch_stealth in obelisk.Amir Taaki2014-02-146-2/+95
* build/automake: Include local headers before system-wide headers.Noel Maersk2014-01-161-1/+1
* added fetch_transaction to transaction_poolAmir Taaki2014-01-1513-61/+132
* correct initial request domainAmir Taaki2014-01-071-1/+1
* debug switch to turn on/off logging of requests.Amir Taaki2014-01-078-26/+50
* ctrl-c now shuts down obworker.Amir Taaki2014-01-031-25/+24
* fix slow shut down with ZMQ 4. problem is that zmq_poll in ZMQ 3/4 is in mill...Amir Taaki2014-01-031-1/+13
* remove redundant info output about which config file is loaded.Amir Taaki2013-12-311-3/+0
* zmq 4 support! ... use inproc queue to communicate pending sends to main socket.Amir Taaki2013-12-312-63/+54
* subscribe_limit to prevent exhaustion attacks.Amir Taaki2013-12-312-3/+15
* small aesthetic change.Amir Taaki2013-12-311-4/+4
* when create new socket in worker, send control message AFTER you set the sock...Amir Taaki2013-12-301-1/+1
* recent ZMQ versions change the UUID size from 17 to 5 bytes.Amir Taaki2013-12-301-3/+9
* fix control messages (to the balancer) so they also use the send queue.Amir Taaki2013-12-293-16/+36
* separate out request_worker send functionality into send_worker. more info:Amir Taaki2013-12-212-40/+82
* small comment.Amir Taaki2013-12-211-0/+1
* use a condition variable to know when new sends are pending.Amir Taaki2013-12-215-6/+43
* use lockless queue to ensure thread safe access to socket for sending responses.Amir Taaki2013-12-2117-106/+285
* correct validtx deserialize for client.Amir Taaki2013-12-151-1/+1