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@@ -28,29 +28,27 @@ Afer these steps, generating things like stealth addresses will work perfectly.
-```chmod +x ./```
+```chmod +x ./```
Have fun from there.
## Script
There is one pseudo-menu created from Zenity's list dialog boxe that allow you to create a new private key and stealth address pubkey and ephemeral key. **Text files with the keys will be created in the location of the script!**
![alt text]( "Pseudo-Menu")
+## Charity Donations
+For transactions made through SX, you now have the option to include a donation (0.1 mBTC, equivalent to a miner's fee) to some pre-selected charities and organisations that we like.
+![alt text]( "Donations")
## Contribute
If you'd like to contribute, please commit:
1. Write shell scripts for any remaining commands for [SX]( (WIP) // Please test first
2. Implement [Zenity]( wraps for the shell scripts
-## Donations
-Sean's Outpost: 1M72Sfpbz1BPpXFHz9m3CdqATR44Jvaydd
-Wikileaks: 1Bz5699fHoH1t6UhSF7ksFKiBHBdhn9RnY
-SNI: 1Bz5699fHoH1t6UhSF7ksFKiBHBdhn9RnY
-unSYSTEM: 32wRDBezxnazSBxMrMqLWqD1ajwEqnDnMc
-TOR: 15RT6H7YeP6ohxs43r9fVVakzFoQPcov9z