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* Update README.mdevoskuil2014-05-251-1/+1
* Update README.mdevoskuil2014-05-251-0/+4
* Create README.mdevoskuil2014-05-251-0/+7
* Centralize .gitignore.evoskuil2014-04-153-10/+5
* Remove tools versioing from VS import.props files.evoskuil2014-04-153-6/+3
* Remove .props files tool versioning.evoskuil2014-04-1524-48/+24
* Text change to build message.evoskuil2014-04-101-1/+1
* Update VS build configuration.evoskuil2014-04-0912-133/+453
* Update Visual Studio standard project props.evoskuil2014-04-049-5/+7
* Remove dead config, fix macro.evoskuil2014-03-271-5/+0
* Cosmetic.evoskuil2014-03-272-2/+1
* Clean builds for VS2013, a few sections disabled.evoskuil2014-03-2612-29/+163
* Remove dated readme.evoskuil2014-03-253-17/+9
* Windows build work in progress.evoskuil2014-03-252-9/+1
* Merge branch 'spesmilo/master', integrate build work in progress.evoskuil2014-03-254-4/+8
* Initial VS2013 solution, work in progress.evoskuil2014-03-23116-6392/+1060
* remove unused preprocessor valueevoskuil2014-03-151-2/+2
* Add remaining 7 sx commands, fix up build to support initchain (leveldb) and ...evoskuil2014-03-158-15/+55
* Project and dependencies for each sx executable.evoskuil2014-03-1584-221/+6248
* Initial VS2013 compile (not linked).evoskuil2014-03-145-0/+369