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* bugfix: add some missing iostream includesrefs/pull/98/headrdks2014-12-217-0/+7
* Bring sx help message into sync with help message from develop branch.Thomas Hartman2014-05-231-64/+160
* add optional FROM_HEIGHT to arg helpAmir Taaki2014-05-091-1/+3
* remove DEBUG: labels from fetch-stealth outputAmir Taaki2014-05-091-2/+2
* decode_hex_digest is removed from libbitcoin, replace with decode_hash/decode...Amir Taaki2014-05-0911-12/+12
* new stealth documentation.Amir Taaki2014-05-091-1/+7
* clean up long lines in sx help output.Amir Taaki2014-05-091-4/+8
* bugfix: disable reuse_key_option by default in stealth-newkeyAmir Taaki2014-05-091-1/+1
* cast_chunk and uncast_type removed from libbitcoinAmir Taaki2014-05-092-2/+2
* allow fetch-stealth to optionally take no arguments (defaults to 0/00000000)Amir Taaki2014-05-091-5/+8
* added sha256 and ec-add-modp commands.Amir Taaki2014-05-093-7/+83
* allow pubkey command to also take in secretsAmir Taaki2014-05-081-2/+7
* converted for recent libbitcoin changes.Amir Taaki2014-05-082-2/+2
* added stealth-newkey command.Amir Taaki2014-05-085-12/+49
* stealth_address is now a simple structAmir Taaki2014-05-082-12/+12
* added stealth support to mktx.Amir Taaki2014-05-081-2/+43
* get stealth-uncover-secret command to work.Amir Taaki2014-05-082-3/+3
* sx stealth commands (initiate, uncover, uncover-secret)Amir Taaki2014-05-085-1/+108
* allow configuring number of signatures in stealth-addr command.Amir Taaki2014-05-081-6/+23
* tidied up code ever so slightly.Amir Taaki2014-05-084-31/+30
* add ec-tweak-add subcommand.Amir Taaki2014-05-083-7/+41
* EC MATH commands (ec-add and ec-multiply)Amir Taaki2014-05-076-2/+116
* add stub for stealth in mktxAmir Taaki2014-05-061-12/+16
* stealth_address stuff moved to libwallet.Amir Taaki2014-05-061-95/+2
* add stealth info to showtx output.Amir Taaki2014-05-061-0/+10
* add 'stealth-show-addr' commandAmir Taaki2014-05-064-3/+159
* tool to create new stealth addressesAmir Taaki2014-05-066-128/+71
* fix fetch-stealth.Amir Taaki2014-05-061-1/+2
* hd-to-address and hd-to-wif commands.Amir Taaki2014-04-242-0/+22
* --hard can only be used with private keysAmir Taaki2014-04-241-1/+14
* hd-pub implementationAmir Taaki2014-04-241-0/+23
* hd-priv: include validity checkWilliam Swanson2014-04-241-1/+8
* hd-priv command working.Amir Taaki2014-04-241-0/+10
* update for recent libbitcoin changes.Amir Taaki2014-04-234-4/+4
* move trimming to actual read_stdin() function.Amir Taaki2014-04-183-9/+6
* bugfix: allow pipe address in through STDIN to balance and history commands.Amir Taaki2014-04-182-2/+8
* switch to new hash functions.Amir Taaki2014-04-183-5/+5
* add incomplete hd commands.Amir Taaki2014-04-177-1/+144
* add sx hd-seed subcommand.Amir Taaki2014-04-173-1/+50
* fix compile issue with missing min() in wallet.cppAmir Taaki2014-04-171-8/+9
* removed 3 redefinitions of home_directory()Kamil Domanski2014-04-171-42/+0
* removed stray */Kamil Domanski2014-04-171-3/+0
* allow the ability to read a public key for conversion purposes.Amir Taaki2014-04-161-2/+19
* Merge pull request #53 from evoskuil/masterevoskuil2014-04-162-4/+52
| * Merge branch 'origin/master'refs/pull/53/headevoskuil2014-04-161-0/+15
| |\
| * | fix conf loading for linux.Amir Taaki2014-04-161-0/+15
| * | fix conf loading for linux.Amir Taaki2014-04-151-0/+15
| * | s/seconds/milliseconds/ - sx fetch* commands hanging because waiting 100 seco...Amir Taaki2014-04-1510-11/+11
| * | fix conf loading for linux.Amir Taaki2014-04-151-6/+30
| * | move dodgy line!!!Amir Taaki2014-04-151-1/+0