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| * added directory navigationEdwin Eefting2011-06-252-17/+69
| * created base of pl module. needs debuggingEdwin Eefting2011-05-192-36/+85
| * working on pl module, only non recursive next works nowEdwin Eefting2011-05-182-26/+72
| * disabled debugging for httpjsonEdwin Eefting2011-05-181-0/+3
| * paper auth picsEdwin Eefting2011-05-184-0/+0
| * paper fixes for framework changesEdwin Eefting2011-05-185-14/+28
* | fixed curl makefileEdwin Eefting2011-05-121-12/+15
* make errors configurable. make reconnect time configurableEdwin Eefting2011-05-124-27/+32
* ignore signalEdwin Eefting2011-05-123-1/+15
* handles retweets nicelyEdwin Eefting2011-05-121-3/+128
* implemented regex fitlering. keyword limiting. twitter delete eventsEdwin Eefting2011-05-124-17/+51
* made it possible to assign a Cvar to a CmsgEdwin Eefting2011-05-126-11/+12
* completed cvar selftestEdwin Eefting2011-05-113-19/+123
* improving cvar and also writing a selftest for itEdwin Eefting2011-05-116-16/+250
* rewrote some forloops. cleaning up cvar and writing a test for it. have to do...Edwin Eefting2011-05-108-129/+140
* made cvar more consistent. added some easy to use FOREACH macrosEdwin Eefting2011-05-106-28/+50
* improving twitter module, but first time for some big changesEdwin Eefting2011-05-102-4/+30
* betere marquee emulatieEdwin Eefting2011-05-101-0/+4
* betere marquee emulatieEdwin Eefting2011-05-101-2/+0
* betere marquee emulatieEdwin Eefting2011-05-102-12/+74
* vetter gemaaktEdwin Eefting2011-05-063-34/+149
* twitbar basics are workingEdwin Eefting2011-05-064-5/+41
* work around libcurlbug. fixed twitter orderEdwin Eefting2011-05-062-28/+67
* now just follows a users home-status. no filtering etc yetEdwin Eefting2011-04-302-33/+56
* first its time for a seperate oauth moduleEdwin Eefting2011-04-302-19/+7
* posting finally works. (oauth array issue)Edwin Eefting2011-04-304-29/+56
* fixed curl signing. twitter now returning accesstoken,but still a bug in post...Edwin Eefting2011-04-304-54/+88
* oauth popup window with simple url callbackEdwin Eefting2011-04-291-0/+32
* twitter popup done. moved javascript libraries to /lib. adding/fixing postsup...Edwin Eefting2011-04-299-234/+308
* blaEdwin Eefting2011-04-281-0/+1
* working on oauth exchange. fixed some bugs as wellEdwin Eefting2011-04-286-73/+262
* fixed timer rights issueEdwin Eefting2011-04-271-0/+11
* added oauth Authentication header supportEdwin Eefting2011-04-272-4/+102
* working on twitter marquee module (need oauth)Edwin Eefting2011-04-273-0/+124
* added classes, fixed quoting problemsEdwin Eefting2011-04-271-9/+40
* make modules loadable by nameEdwin Eefting2011-04-271-3/+11
* verbose offEdwin Eefting2011-04-272-1/+156
* optimized compiletime for debuggingEdwin Eefting2011-04-2722-24/+27
* improved cmake outputEdwin Eefting2011-04-273-10/+20
* better error handlingEdwin Eefting2011-04-263-11/+35
* better error handlingEdwin Eefting2011-04-261-5/+8
* configfile twitterEdwin Eefting2011-04-263-15/+21
* created twitter moduleEdwin Eefting2011-04-262-0/+217
* added boolean supportEdwin Eefting2011-04-261-0/+4
* added basic authEdwin Eefting2011-04-262-9/+35
* download basics work correctly now. still need to add POST dataEdwin Eefting2011-04-242-19/+46
* logging fixEdwin Eefting2011-04-231-0/+1
* added loggingEdwin Eefting2011-04-233-5/+26
* queuing and the whole shebang works. still have return actual dataEdwin Eefting2011-04-221-24/+38
* almost implemented queueingEdwin Eefting2011-04-221-21/+51