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@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ German translation by x3nu.
Testing, reviews and documentation contributed by Dreamer, Vlax,
Shining the Translucent, Mancausoft, Asbesto Molesto, Nignux, TheJH,
-The Grugq, Reiven, GDrooid, Alphazo, Brian May, fsLeg, JoelMon, Jim
-Turner, Maxime Arthaud and the Linux Action Show!
+The Grugq, Reiven, GDrooid, Alphazo, Brian May, fsLeg, JoelMon,
+Narrat, x3nu, Jim Turner, Maxime Arthaud and the Linux Action Show!
Cryptsetup was developed by Christophe Saout and Clemens Fruhwirth.
@@ -23,4 +23,4 @@ Function v2" based on GCrypt and written by Anthony Thyssen.
Tomb's developers can be contacted via GitHub issues on or over IRC
-channel **#dyne**.
+channel **#dyne** (or directly over port 9999 with SSL)
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# Tomb ChangeLog
+## 2.1
+### July 2015
+All users updating should close their tombs first, then update and
+reopen them with this new version. However, lacking to do so will not
+cause any data loss, just an unclean umount of tombs.
+This new stable release including several bugfixes to smooth the user
+experience in various situations. Documentation is reviewed and
+extended and translations are updated.
+More in detail, fixes to: mountpoint removal, language localization,
+gtk-2 pinentry themeing, udisk2 compatibility (/run/media/$USER
+mountpoint support), handling of key failures, kdf documentation,
+swish-e file contents search and encrypted swap detection.
+Deniability is improved by allowing any filename to be used for tombs
+(also without .tomb extension). Code has been overall cleaned up.
## 2.0.1
### December 2014
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@@ -206,11 +206,11 @@ minimalist tool and its code should be readable. Guidelines on the
coding style are illustrated in [doc/HACKING.txt](doc/HACKING.txt).
Tomb's developers can be contacted using the issues on GitHub or over
-IRC on channel **#dyne**
+IRC on channel **#dyne** (or direct port 9999 SSL)
# Licensing
-Tomb is Copyright (C) 2007-2014 by the Foundation
+Tomb is Copyright (C) 2007-2015 by the Foundation
Tomb is designed, written and maintained by Denis Roio <>