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-Cryptsetup is written by Christophe Saout and Clemens Fruhwirth.
+Cryptsetup was originally written in 2004 by Jana Saout
-Tomb is written and directed by Denis Roio <>
+LUKS extensions are written in 2006 by Clemens Fruhwirth
+Tomb is written and maintained since 2007 by Denis Roio <>
Tomb includes code and advices by Anathema, Boyska, Hellekin O. Wolf,
-GDrooid and Parazyd.
+Daniel Rodriguez, Parazyd and Alexandre Pujol.
The 'gtomb' minimal GUI is being written by Parazyd.
@@ -14,15 +16,20 @@ Python Tomb wrappers are contributed by Reiven and Boyska.
Artwork is contributed by Jordi aka Mon Mort and Logan VanCuren.
Gettext internationalization and Spanish translation is contributed by
-GDrooid, French translation by Hellekin, Russian translation by fsLeg,
-German translation by x3nu, Italian translation by Massimiliano
-Augello and Swedish translation by PLJ / Kosovoper.
+Daniel Rodriguez. French translation by Hellekin and Roy Lockhart,
+Russian translation by fsLeg, German translation by Jerry Polfer,
+Italian translation by Massimiliano Augello and Swedish translation by
+PLJ / Kosovoper.
+Tomb received the attention and minor contributions of , Jim Turner
Testing, reviews and documentation contributed by Dreamer, Vlax,
Shining the Translucent, Mancausoft, Asbesto Molesto, Nignux, TheJH,
The Grugq, Reiven, GDrooid, Alphazo, Brian May, fsLeg, JoelMon,
-Narrat, x3nu, Jim Turner, Maxime Arthaud, RobertMX, mhogomchungu
-and... the Linux Action Show!
+Narrat, Jerry Polfer, Jim Turner, Maxime Arthaud, RobertMX,
+mhogomchungu Mandeep Bhutani, Emil Lundberg, Joel Montes de Oca, Armin
+Mesbah, Arusekk, Stephan Schindel and... the Linux Action Show!
Tomb includes an implementation of the "Password-Based Key Derivation
Function v2" based on GCrypt and written by Anthony Thyssen.
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# Tomb ChangeLog
+## 2.4
+### April 2017
+This release introduces a major new feature with support for
+asymmetric encryption of Tomb keys using public/private GPG key
+pairs. It is now possible to protect a Tomb key using a GPG key (which
+can also be password-less for automations) as well encrypt a Tomb key
+for multiple recipients (list of GPG ids). Other improvements include:
+a fix to the 'slam' command with better detection of running programs
+using 'lsof' (new optional dependency); a fix to 'forge' key creation
+to really use 512 bits long keys to really trigger usage of AES256;
+correct support for opening tombs in read-only mode; update of the
+Tomber python wrapper in extras. Documentation has been updated.
## 2.3
### January 2017
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+# Usage of AES128 due to shorter keysize
+## 2.4
+All tomb keys forged using Tomb version 2.3 or preceeding are 256 bits
+large, which is insufficient to trigger usage of AES-256 encryption in
+XTS mode, which is the default. Therefore all tombs locked using
+smaller keys are silently encrypted using AES-128, according to the
+cryptsetup manual:
+> "By default a 256 bit key-size is used. Note however that XTS splits the supplied key in half, so to use AES-256 instead of AES-128 you have to set the XTS key-size to 512."
+This problem has been noticed and corrected in Tomb version 2.4 where
+now the 'forge' command will automatically generate 512 bits keys. To
+switch to AES-256 encrypted tombs the only possibility is to create
+new keys, new tombs and copy the contents across, since the LUKS
+formatting occurs when the 'lock' command is issued using a new
+key. Using 'setkey' to switch key does not suffice to switch to
+This problem is minor and doesn't seem to heavily affect the security
+of Tombs created before 2.4 as the cryptographic strenght of AES-128
+and AES-256 is comparable; yet it is reasonable to think that larger
+key sizes resist better to Quantum computing attacks.
# Vulnerability to password bruteforcing
## Issue affecting keys used in steganography
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# Licensing
-Tomb is Copyright (C) 2007-2017 by the Foundation
-More information on all the developers involved is found in the
-[AUTHORS]( file.
+Tomb is Copyright (C) 2007-2017 by the Foundation and
+maintained by Denis Roio <>. More information on all
+the developers involved is found in the [AUTHORS]( file.
This source code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Public License as published by