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| * Add GPG recipient support for steganography function (bury and exhume)Alexandre Pujol2017-02-031-5/+45
| * Check if the GPG key given is a valid.Alexandre Pujol2017-02-031-2/+15
| * Add GPG recipient support when generating a new tomb keyAlexandre Pujol2017-02-031-59/+66
| * Add tests for GPG recipient support in tombAlexandre Pujol2017-02-031-1/+39
| * Fix test suite error in the return code: GLOBAL_RESULT were always true.Alexandre Pujol2017-02-031-5/+3
| * Add a GPG database in 'extras/test/gnupg' for test suite purposeAlexandre Pujol2017-02-034-0/+1
| * Use -r option to shortcut interactive tomb password popupAlexandre Pujol2017-02-031-1/+12
| * Add -r option to enable GPG key integration.Alexandre Pujol2017-02-031-3/+3
* improved readme, section on compliancyJaromil2017-02-011-0/+17
* really use key-size 512 on luksFormatJaromil2017-01-291-1/+1
* change forged key lenght to 512 bitsJaromil2017-01-211-1/+1
* minor fixes to regression testsJaromil2017-01-211-4/+4
* Automatically remove conflicting quotes on pot generationDaniel Rodriguez2017-01-211-0/+3
* Remove extra char quotes in translation filesDaniel Rodriguez2017-01-217-14/+14
* Merge pull request #239 from reiven/masterJaromil2017-01-112-19/+20
| * Update tomber in extras for v2.2+refs/pull/239/headFederico Reiven2017-01-102-19/+20
* Sync translations with POEditorDaniel Rodriguez2017-01-039-3174/+2640
* integrated latest changes in changelogv2.3Jaromil2017-01-021-8/+9
* documentation updates and reorganisationJaromil2017-01-024-78/+59
* remove change of ownership when mounting tombsJaromil2017-01-021-9/+11
* small fixes to run clean testsJaromil2017-01-021-5/+2
* small linting fixesJaromil2017-01-021-4/+5
* make lint check on travis using shellcheckJaromil2017-01-021-1/+2
* code lintingJaromil2017-01-022-14/+20
* prefer ascii single-quotes to utf8Jaromil2017-01-021-1/+1
* documentation updates for releaseJaromil2016-12-295-14/+35
* updated extras/gtomb to latest by parazydJaromil2016-12-293-509/+330
* switch shebang to use /usr/bin/envJaromil2016-12-291-1/+1
* fix is_valid_tomb check for already mounted tombsJaromil2016-12-261-1/+11
* improve wrapping of key generationJaromil2016-12-261-7/+12
* included regression tests against old Tomb versionsJaromil2016-12-261-8/+72
* improvement over previous gpg_decrypt fixJaromil2016-12-261-3/+2
* new parsing for gpg_decrypt functionJaromil2016-12-261-13/+15
* documentation on direct use of images as keysJaromil2016-12-221-6/+7
* temporary advice for zsh 5.3 usersJaromil2016-12-191-0/+3
* fix sudo execution (patch by robertmx in #223)Jaromil2016-11-181-4/+4
* travis fix to force apt to overwrite new conf filesJaromil2016-11-181-1/+1
* fix travis for non-interactive aptJaromil2016-11-181-0/+4
* use head directly without cat in post-hooksJaromil2016-11-181-1/+1
* better documentation for kdfJaromil2016-11-182-6/+6
* Merge pull request #230 from mandeep/change_swap_success_messageD.J.R2016-10-171-1/+1
| * Changed message when encrypted swap found to something more informativerefs/pull/230/headmandeepbhutani2016-10-161-1/+1
* travis CI: removed kdf testsJaromil2016-06-131-2/+0
* added extras to CI tests (kdf etc.)Jaromil2016-06-121-1/+3
* setup continuous integration tests on TravisJaromil2016-06-122-0/+13
* experimental port to android - works with limited functionalityJaromil2016-01-242-0/+2778
* documentation improvements for kdf and dm-crypt cipher choiceJaromil2016-01-092-7/+16
* forgot to bump the version into the scriptJaromil2015-12-311-3/+3
* documentation updates for releasev2.2Jaromil2015-12-304-3/+24
* gtomb gui based on zenity, contributed by ParazydJaromil2015-12-303-0/+1026