BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalcleanupniels4 years
historyfixniels4 years
masterfix definition of PRESET eventniels2 days
v-1_5_5clean up branch 1.5.5niels4 years
veejay-1.6Merge branch 'master' into veejay-1.6niels23 months
veejay-ngmake it compileniels4 years
v1.5.32commit a3a400b7c1...niels3 months
v1.5.22commit 20c686851f...niels2 years
v1.5.20commit 0052fcc103...niels2 years
v1.5.19commit 50bb0fdab1...niels3 years
v1.5.18commit 83f285b95a...niels3 years
v1.5.15commit 7dfb50a991...niels4 years
v1.5.14commit 79d2ebf2dc...niels4 years
v1.5.13commit d5297f5012...niels4 years
v1.5.12commit 2486b67251...niels4 years
v1.5.11commit dbf9685ea5...niels4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 daysfix definition of PRESET eventHEADmasterniels2-17/+3
3 daysremove debugging code, set n_inputs and n_outputs correctly if plugin has noneniels3-13/+22
3 daysfix ??? label on stream generatorsniels1-1/+2
3 daysfix plane problem in preview, use correct plane offsetsniels1-13/+9
3 daysbump to 1.5.49, reloaded now requires veejay 1.5.49niels2-6/+6
3 daysdrop old parameter limit, new limit is 32 parameters (with 16 available in re...niels18-18785/+14668
11 daysbumpniels1-9/+4
11 dayscheck result of mmap, fix invalid free in closing of edlniels3-14/+22
2015-02-09fix typoniels1-14/+14
2015-02-08add more documentation files to the debian packageniels1-2/+14